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Mystic 8 

Mystic 8 Crystals is a holistically inspired company focusing on exquisite crystals ethically sourced throughout Southern Africa. Our fascination with the beauty, esoteric properties and geologic history of the crystal realm in Africa was the catalyst for our business. At Mystic 8 we don't so much as "sell" crystals and minerals; we facilitate the connection our customers experience with the crystal that is meant to be a part of their life. Crystals have personalities and more often than not, a reason for manifesting in our existence. At Mystic 8 we believe when you feel the connection with a crystal, you will know it. If you feel you "have to have it," you probably do! There is a reason you're connecting to a specific crystal; it was meant to be! 


We do our best to ensure the most interesting and quality range of crystals and minerals and other esoteric related tools for our customers. Each crystal we feature for "re-homing" is chosen for its energetic resonance and aesthetic qualities. 


Without exception, our crystals are all of African origin: South Africa, Zambia Madagascar, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and the Congo are the locations most often where our wide range of incredible crystals come from. We do our best to ensure that our supply chain utilizes ethical standards of mining, which we accomplish through the provenance supplied to us through ethical wholesalers who buy direct from the mines several times a year.  Among the benefits of buying African semi-precious stones and crystals is that they are often a source of income to small independent miners and their families. It is often a cottage industry open to otherwise very economically challenged individuals. Finally, there is no denying the beauty and wisdom that resonate from treasures unearthed from these sites, which have the oldest geological history on Earth.


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