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Crystals Basic Meanings Guide

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Colors and Properties

Red Crystals

Bloodstone : Courage, determination, personal power

Ruby : Passion, vitality, sexuality

Garnet : Strength, willpower, charisma

Red Carnelian : Adventure, motivation, endurance

Red Tiger’s Eye : Leadership, authority, action

Red Jasper : Quick thinking, confidence, results

Yellow/Orange Crystals

Yellow Topaz : Clarity, decision making, well being

Amber : Joyful, carefree, vitalizing

Citrine : Imagination, manifestation, creative thinking, abundance

Yellow Fluorite : Alertness, sharpens memory

Orange or Yellow Calcite : Concentration, intellectual power

Green Crystals

Malachite : Transformation, endurance, abundance

Green Tourmaline : Money and success attractor

Jade : Financial creativity, decision making

Emerald : Wisdom, foresight, inspiration

Peridot : Clarity, self acceptance, responsibility

Green Aventurine : Insight, leadership, prosperity

Black/Brown Crystals

Black Tourmaline : Protective, grounding, rational thinking

Onyx : Strength, self control, future thinking

Jet : Stability, protection, balance

Bronzite : Self confidence, discernment, inspiration

Magnetite : Tenacity, endurance, objectivity

White/Clear/Pink Crystals

Moonstone : Psychic awareness, healing, new beginnings

Clear Quartz : balance, purity, amplifies desire

Selenite : insight, foresight, peace, reconciliation

White/Silver Topaz : Cosmic awareness, clarity, truth

Rose Quartz : Harmony, love, peace, romance

Rhodochrosite : Self worth, compassion, acceptance

Purple/Violet Crystals

Amethyst : Tranquility, wisdom, spiritual insight

Sugilite : Spiritual love, self understanding, revelation

Charoite : transformation, unconditional love, clarity

Purple Sapphire : Awareness, psychic vision, awakening


Tiger’s Eye: Focus and opportunity

Citrine: Abundance

Obsidian: Absorbs negative energy

Fluorite: Decluttering negative minds and atmospheres

Blue Tourmaline: Blocks negative thoughts

Amazonite: Brings harmony

Emerald: Replenishes love

Moonstone: Grants you insight, intuition and clarity

Ruby: Unleashes your drive, makes you invulnerable.

Peridot: Clarifies your true purpose. Excellent healing stone. Increases compassion.

Garnet: Heals emotional strain between lovers. Lucky for business.

Turquoise: Safety in travel or to encourage romantic spontaneity.

Amethyst: Enhances creativity, spirituality and gives you passion with realism.

Kyanite: Balancing emotions as well as accessing meditative states.


Golden Topaz (the Sun; rules Leo): Regeneration and shining through while being

the stone of optimism, charisma and self confidence.

Selenite (the Moon; rules Cancer): Bridges the spiritual and earthly realms, instills

peace, intuition and telepathic power. The stone clears confusion and promotes


Natural Agate ( Mercury; rules Gemini and Virgo): Realistic intelligence,

improves concentration and overcomes emotional negativity, enhancing objectivity

and intellectual strength. Banish negative thinking with agate.

Pink Tourmaline ( Venus; rules Taurus and Libra): The stone of romantic

attraction. It helps you to love yourself first and foremost. Makes one more


Bloodstone (Mars; rules Aries): The stone of courage and valor, revitalization of

mind and spirit. Helps to deal with new challenges and unexpected circumstances.

Lapis Lazuli (Jupiter; rules Sagittarius): This crystal enhances all forms of

knowledge, wisdom and learning. It gives big thoughts, self expression and spiritual

understanding at a deeper level.

Onyx (Saturn; rules Capricorn): This is the stone of self mastery. It brings stability

and wise decision making. It can also contain the memories of all that has

happened to you. Enhances stamina and protects the wearer from negativity.

Aquamarine (Uranus; rules Aquarius) : Inspires belief, truth and trust in others

and also in one’s own judgment. Clears the way for progress and helps you know

what is right for you. Learn your true path by wearing this crystal.

Blue Lace Agate (Neptune; rules Pisces) : This is the stone of visualization. It

assists in accessing higher planes of consciousness, heightened intuition and

artistic inspiration. Stimulates moods and feelings. It can encourage you and

support you, reducing stress, anger and fear.

Malachite: (Pluto; rules Scorpio): This is the stone of transformation, absorbing

negative energy but also promoting risk taking, adventure, change and

self-transformation. Helps you to feel alive! Placed in the south east corner of your

home it can encourage wealth and prosperity. Wearing the stone helps to keep new

projects or ventures successful and on track. It can also be invoked to act as a

talisman for safety during travel.


ARIES: Bloodstone and Ruby

PISCES: Amethyst and Blue Lace Agate

AQUARIUS: Amber and Aquamarine

CAPRICORN: Garnet and Onyx

SAGITTARIUS: Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise

SCORPIO: Malachite and Obsidian

LIBRA: Pink Tourmaline and Blue Sapphire

VIRGO: Peridot and Agate

LEO: Tiger’s Eye and Topaz

CANCER: Moonstone and Selenite

GEMINI: Citrine and Agate

TAURUS: Emerald and Pink Tourmaline


From negative energy: Black Onyx, Citrine, Jet

For Children: Blue Lace Agate, Jade, Ruby

For the home: White Quartz, Ruby, Sardonyx

Personal energy: Labradorite, Sunstone, Fire Agate

From dark spirits/spells: Black Sapphire, Hematite, Chrysoberyl

During travel: Malachite, Aquamarine, Garnet

From the Evil Eye: Tiger’s Eye, Malachite, Carnelian


Bloodstone Rebellion

Topaz Wisdom

Selenite Sensitivity

Pink Tourmaline Compassion

Red Carnelian Action

Rose Quartz Value

Citrine Connection

Aquamarine Vision

Tiger’s Eye Inspiration

Peridot Discrimination

Lapis Lazuli Knowledge

Jade Harmony

Blue Lace Agate Sacrifice

Malachite Transformation

Turquoise Going with Flow

Obsidian Integrity

Agate Progression

Amber Realization

Moonstone Intuition

Clear Quartz Optimism

Amethyst Awakening

Onyx Structure

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