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Black Tourmaline to the Rescue

Hello intrepid blog readers! SO nice to have you here with me, meandering along the urban mystic highway. Today, as I was checking in with my crystal guides and I pulled a Crystal Medicine Wisdom Oracle Deck card (as I do daily and which you can too by just downloading the app from the Playstore or i-tunes....and NO, I do not make any money from this, it is just a fantastic app I found in the Google Playstore.) I got Black Tourmaline. Very much in keeping with the theme which came to me yesterday where I got White Aragonite, with the primary message being, with Black Tourmaline, the message is surrender. Surrender being closely associated with patience, (one needs to surrender expectations as to outcome to be truly patient), I see a pattern emerging.

Crystal Medicine Wisdom Oracle Cards

Luckily I have a MEGA piece of Black Tourmaline on loan from my shop. (One of the major benefits of owning a crystal shop is you pretty much have any mineral you need to work with at you beck and call! ) This Black Tourmaline Crystal is almost 6 kilos......or 13+ pounds....from the Erongo Mountains area in Namibia. (The Erongo Mountains are acknowledged the world over for producing some of the best specimens of Black Tourmaline. ) So, it's HUGE by average specimen standards. You don't even have to be particularly sensitive to feeling energy when you hold onto this crystal to feel its protective and grounding energy. Its a smart bomb for energy work.

XXL Specimen Black Tourmaline


Before I get to surrender, what the Crystal Medicine Cards are saying is that pulling the Black Tourmaline card is an indication that I have reached an impasse in my life where I need to surrender the bad juju, the heavy energy and the reoccuring patterns in my life that do not serve me and then, SURRENDER to the will of the Universe.....TRUSTING that the Universe is going to lead me to the promised land of the manifestations which I have been positioning myself to experience. The card went on to further comfort me and make me understand that this is a time of transition and that I need to expect and be ready for major changes.

Not to be terribly personal but one area where I know I need to surrender is my weight. Covid has not been kind to me in that department. I have put on what I estimate to be about 40 pounds. I have been SO sedintery and have put on so much weight. None of my favourite clothes fit me anymore and I have been reduced to one pair of sweat pants, 1 pair of jeans, a few polo shirts and three tee shirts. It is also something I shouldn't make light of because it is sabotaging so many areas in my life. I don't want to be as social, I don't feel as confidant, and I feel like I am at war with my own body image. In fact, I feel like it is a block in my life holding up so many other areas of forward movement.

So, what is holding me back? I have done it before and I know I need to do it now for my overall growth and well being. Body as a temple....etc. A synchronistic moment happened this morning when I was looking through my library and scrolled to "Unf*ck your Mind," which was not at the beginning, although I couldn't remeber ever having listened to it.....and it opened up to a chapter near the end of the audio book which was a specialist speaking about addiction. I actually did not even catch her name, but what she was saying was exactly on track to tell me what I needed to hear about my relationship with food. When the relationship you have with a substance is hurting or harming you or the ones you love more than it is helping, you know you have a problem.

So between this ("Unf*ck Your Life" ) author's words, where she also mentioned that an addiction is a coping mechenism gone wrong and my Black Tourmaline card urging me to surrender......I believe I am indeed ready to do what I need to do and what I have done before, which is to surrender the negative patterns I have developed to assist me in coping with issues and believe in a healthy and sensible approach to getting my weight to where it needs to be. It is all about accepting that there is not something you can do on your own speed and that you need to surrender to a way of being which is bigger than you. i.e a diet. For me, once I hit this mental state of being I know I am ready to "do" what needs to be done. It is still hard work but the difficult moment that needed to happen....the surrender.....has happened. YAY!!!

This is an example of how we can identify a problem and cast out to the Universe for help and guidance. The Universe has given me the message to surrender, firstly and then followed up with a message about how....... I had to put myself out there but the Universe is happy to fill in the gaps. Now, in addition to the inital surrender, I will make the effort to meditate with this FABULOUS piece of Black Tourmaline to reinforce what I have discovered and to seek additional strength and messages as to what I need to do to continue along the path that has been laid out. I choose to incorporate crystals into the mix because they resonate with me and I believe they energetically offer me additional assistance I need. You may choose something diffrent.....the Universe will fill the gaps.

Here is another piece of Black Tourmaline which I will also use to meditate......much smaller, but also from the Erongo Mountain area and a very interesting little guy:

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