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Blue Apatite Confirmation

So on we go, showing you the intrepid reader how to interpret the signs received from your guides within the crystal realm. Today I got a brilliant, synchronistic sign in keeping with the path that has been laid out for me over the last several days. As you will recall, I have been on the path to sort out my diet and get myself on the road to shedding the unwanted Covid 40 pounds I have accumulated. Multiple messages from black Tourmaline, urging me into a phase of life changing actions and finally brown Calcite telling me to stop procrastinating. Black Tourmaline continued to synchronistically show up, 3 times in fact, telling me I was supported and protected to move forward. Relying on my Crystal Medicine Wisdom Oracle Cards I got 4 days of black Tourmaline, black Tourmaline, brown Calcite and then, on the first full day of a committed diet, black Tourmaline again! In plain English the message was: “You’re supported in this change, you’re supported in this change, stop procrastinating, ah yes! You’re supported in this change.

Today, on the second full day of the diet, after the commitment has been shown and the path set, I got blue Apatite, one of my favorite stones with its brilliant blue hue, and its message of the clearing of confusion. The card goes on to say, “It’s time to live your truth. Embrace your inner power. Personal growth is leading you to a higher purpose. Psychic gifts are increasing.” First of all, there is no doubt that crystal energy in this case has a sense of humor, as it often does. (Apatite vs. appetite… However, beyond the pun, there is a deeper meaning.

In accepting the reality, that until I take my health in hand and admit I have a problem, I would remain spiritually, emotionally and energetically blocked. Denial is not just a river in Egypt! In fact, the denial needed to be overcome by a commitment to self through actualizing inner power. This will lead to the personal growth the card was speaking to which definitely will facilitate the work I am doing in all connected areas of my life.

If you have never worked with blue Apatite, I really do recommend checking in to see if it resonates with you. It is a very powerful crystal and has gained popularity in recent years as an excellent bridge to connecting with your psychic gifts. We all have psychic gifts to one degree or another and it has been my personal experience that the more you work on clearing the debris that exists between you and your connection with what lies beyond your 5 senses, the more different channels of information will start to come to you. Blue Apatite definitely, when meditated with and kept on your person, can accelerate this process. The more these channels are open the better your ability to receive the spiritual guidance associated with it.

One thing I will also mention. When you are first starting to reach out to the guidance you get through crystal energy and your guides, you may get a message which you are not able to square with the current situation in your life. I would like to assure you that spirit is not sending you messages which are not on point, you may just not yet be in the groove of understanding the way in which you are being communicated with. You also may have a preconceived idea of the message you were expecting or wanted to get and thus it is easy to overlook the inherent relevance of the message you are getting. Be willing to walk away for an hour or two or a day or more before the message is made clear. It can help to keep a running journal of the signs and messages that you get so you can later refer back and put the messages in context. The key is to keep your level of belief and thus the connection with the messages going and all will, I assure you, eventually be made clear!

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