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Can you get addicted to crystals?

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Crystals are beautiful, they are unique, and they are frequently rare. They have spiritual significance and have been acknowledged throughout human history as useful and desirable. Finding one that you connect with produces a certain rush and if you're a collector, finding one that fits the criteria of your collection is an undeniable thrill.

However, can the acquisition of crystals become addictive in nature for some people?

The simple answer is YES.

Despite the fact that most new age disciplines that frequently incorporate crystals denounce materialism, there is no doubt that many devotees to these so-called enlightened callings have a bit of a hoarding streak when it comes to their semi-precious accoutraments. As it turns out, crystals like any other desirable commodity, don't have a built in repellent when it comes to good old fashioned over- consumption.

That said, here are a few tell tale signs you may be addicted to buying crystals:

  1. You spend money on crystals you don't really have to spend.

  2. You find yourself rationalizing with yourself when you are purchasing crystals.

  3. You buy a crystal you "have to have" and fail to admire or utilize it afterwards.

  4. Your friends or family raise their eyebrows when you are shopping for crystals or tell you you have enough.

  5. You hide the fact that you are shopping for crystals from peopke you know and love or you hide the actual purchases themselves.

  6. You have many many similar crystals of the same species or type, yet you keep looking for more.

  7. You lose track of your purchases.

The above criteria are not mutually exclusive. It can be something else which reveals an addiction, but these are the most common. If you are scratching your head and cannot relate to any of the above items, you are probably safe and addiction free, unless you are in denial. However, I assure you, there are many, many people in the crystal community who answer the above citeria in the affirmative and recognized themselves immediately.

As a crystal addict myself, I speak on firm authority!!!!!

That said.....this blog piece was meant merely for self identification and isn't meant to offer a solution....for that we shall rely on the comments!!!!

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