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Getting Serious with Brown Calcite!

Well, more synchronicities today (as usual) with my Guides and my Crystal Medicine Wisdom Oracle Deck! The last card I pulled on Tuesday and shared with you was Black Tourmaline, which essentially was urging me to surrender to those areas in my life where I was wrapped up in life decisions which were not serving me. The biggest issue for me was my weight. I ended the blog with a clear understanding of exactly what I needed to do and when the timing was to do it: NOW! Unfortunately life has a way of throwing you curveballs.

Now, there is a diet which I have gone on in the past which has had amazing effects for me and while I have been on it, I have seen quick tangible results. When you’re on a diet, you always want to be able to see a quick start to bolster your enthusiasm and determination. However, like any diet, this one needs you to be prepared, with the proper foods stocked in advance so that you are not left in a web of temptation.

After the blog, I went to an office party, right before the South African public holiday of Freedom Day, which commemorates the first free elections held in SA in 1994. At this party was beer, champagne, sausage rolls and cake. Exactly the antithesis of what is represented on the food chart of the diet I am embarking on. Additionally I went home and we were entertaining overnight guests who were visiting Cape Town from Johannesburg. We had a formal sit down dinner with dessert served. So, as you can imagine…….right out of the blocks I was faced with some challenges. The following day we were still entertaining our friends over the holiday AND I had not gone to the store to buy the foods I needed to get organized. Which has led to the next day at the office where I STILL was not prepared and fell into some typical patterned behavior where I stopped on route to get some quick and easy food to start the day with.

Then I pulled my card: Brown Calcite. Phew…..a more clear message could not have been staring me in the face. It said: “Better Decisions, No Mistakes. Break old patterns for good. Start taking responsibility. Take control of your own life. Be the architect of your own life.” There was more. The card went on to say….”Stop making excuses - Get serious about your goals - Begin a disciplined routine.”

What I didn’t mention was that yesterday I pulled Black Tourmaline AGAIN.(2nd day in a row.) Very rare and very synchronistic and even MORE synchronistic when you look at the message I got today. Essentially over the last three days the crystals have been telling me: Surrender these bad habits, surrender these bad habits…..then HEY?!?! Are you listening? Time to get serious! As always I would like to thank the Universe for reaching out to me and for telling me what I need to hear…..even if it is starting to take the form of a rebuke. The Universe can only help you if you are willing to help yourself. I welcome this rebuke because I was so clear with the message that came from Black Tourmaline and now it is time to start to diet and release these negative patterns, but I allowed myself to sit on the action I know I need to take.

It is not inappropriate to ask the Universe to help…..which in fact it did yesterday when I was napping in a holiday slumber on the couch and my partner urged me to get up and go to the store so I could have the things I needed to continue on with my diet.

Ah, so thank you Brown Calcite, which speaks to your root chakra and speaks to issues of grounding. I need to get grounded and organized with the discipline required to make my aspirations a reality. If you are struggling with something in the same or similar scenario, call on Brown Calcite to help to set you on track.

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