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Intuition and Crystals

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

What exactly is intuition? How does it apply when choosing the right crystal for you? The Oxford dictionary states, "Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning." Spot on, Oxford. Surely you've experienced a feeling or hunch you can recall that, perhaps despite your better judgement, you've followed and you were happy you did, because it benefited you! Well, you were using your intuition. Intuition is not reserved for just psychics and gurus, it is available to every person, every moment on a daily basis, if you know how to tap into it.

When people are looking for the "right crystal", it is usually a question within the framework that they have some limited exposure to hearing about the many different uses crystals have for healing, protection, abundance, grounding, clearing, spiritual growth etc. They want to make sure they get the appropriate crystal for the specific need. There is a slight problem with this. Yes, there is often general concensus as it applies to core crystals, based on the vibrational resonance they exude, but the uses for individual crystals may be quite diverse and indeed overlap with one another. For instance, abundance is not limited to Citrine and Citrine offers so many more attributes than just abundance. Additionally, depending on what source you go to there can be differing opinions as to what crystal works best for what; for example, do I clear with Selenite or Tourmaline, protect with Malachite or Obsidian?

The tagline for Mystic 8 is "Let your intuition guide you." This is because we believe that in fact, you will be drawn to the crystal that needs to be in your life on an intuitive level. If you are drawn to it, there is something deep in your subconcious or downloading from your higher self or through spiritual allies which is saying, this is what you need. We are so quick to dismiss these intuitive drives we have throughout our daily life. We have been conditioned to overlook these ongoing "knowings," as so much mental diarrhea that we are bombarded with in modern society. The truth is that there is always guidance available to us if we ask for it and indeed, knocking on our door or even, occassionally, seeking to knock us over our heads!

I always say to someone who is seeking a crystal for a specific purpose and asks for advice.....what is speaking to you? What color strikes a connection? What feels good when you hold it in your hand or create a mental image of it somewhere in your space? Often, if you quiet your mind in an intentional manner, and hold a crystal for 30-60 seconds, you will know if it is the right crystal for you. There are also times where you make an instant visual connection which is so strong, it is undeniable that the crystal is "speaking," to you. Don't discount this connection, even if the formal understanding of what the crystal is traditionally meant to do doesn't correspond to what you were origionally looking for. So much of the time, what you think you need and what you actually need are not one in the same.

If nothing is speaking to you, you need to quiet your mind and listen. By listen, I do not mean necessarily that you will have an auditory experience. Intuition can manifest itself in a knowing, a feeling, something you visualize, a synchronicity, or indeed something you can hear. You need to be open to the many different ways non-traditional advice can and is being transmitted. Crystals have an excellent ability to transmit information and individual communications to you, you just need to be open to recieve it. A regular meditation practice is what is best suited to quiet your mind sufficiently to consistantly get messages in the clearest manner possible, however, it is not required. Clearing your mind of active thoughts and waiting for what comes to you thereafter or what is uncovered as a result is frequently enough. If you don't believe it, give it a try and you will likely be surprised at what comes through.

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