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Just a little bit of PATIENCE!

I utilize an app on my phone to look for crystal guidance everyday called "Crystal Medical Wisdom Oracle Cards." If you don't have it, you can get it on the Playstore for android devices and I presume at i-tunes for Apple phones. It will give you a crystal for the day and give you the message that comes with that crystal. Additionally, it will give you information about the chakra needing attention and positive affirmations that will assist you in putting the crystal message into practice. It gives you a range of different spreads you can use, depending on the depth of the question and advice you want. I always just pull one to get the take on what my guides would like me to know for the day ahead.

Today, the crystal that came to me was White Aragonite - Patience, patience, patience. This was obviously telling me White Aragonite is supposed to be the grand master of patience. As someone who knows quite a bit about crystals, here is one which I do not have a lot of experience with or indeed have in my abnormally large collection. However, it was the perfect crystal to come to me today and I knew immediately that the message was divinely inspired.

So I consider myself a "modern mystic," or someone at home in and a part of the modern world, but still seeking to pierce the veil of human conditioning in order to find a place of spiritual truth. I know, on the face of it that sounds counter-intuitive, particularly the more spiritual seeking you have done, but the simple fact of 3D reality, experienced by your 5 senses, being the actual vehicle you are using and the landscape which in with you are utilizing it in......well, modern reality is inescapable.

The most reoccurring lesson which has been presenting itself to me lately is indeed PATIENCE. I have been struggling with certain situations in my life I have been trying to change.....and it has just not been happening "fast enough." Which got me thinking.... modern society has created the instant gratification mantre. Get it done now. Now or never. Expectations of "customer service," Karens. There is the culture of over achievement and any inability to meet its strict guidelines constitutes "failure."

Throughout my own life I have always unfortunately suffered from a lack of patience. I was brought up to believe that hard work and determination with a dash of optimism was all one needed to accomplish the task at hand. If it wasn't happening then I was to blame, I was doing something wrong.

Spiritual disciplines will teach you the opposite. However, this is easier said than done when you have been conditioned for so long. Spiritual awareness will tell you that there is intuition and this is guidance and then when put in place to achieve a goal you must take a step back and allow the Universe to do its magic. Additionally you must create and maintain the proper mindset to "co-create" and manifest.

Lack of patience can throw a spanner in the works like no other. Yes, there are plenty of other spanners but for me, at least, this is the biggest.

The message of Divine Timing has been shown to me continually, synchronistically, and is a spectacular spiritual concept to understand if you have a problem like patience as I do. Explained properly and transmuted to plain English it means hold your horses, trust your instincts that you are divinely guided and protected in this particular manifestation and that you do not need to worry, things will happen when they are supposed to happen and all you need to bring to the table is faith and trust.

This leap of faith, as difficult as it may seem, is the only answer to a true spiritual breakthrough. The choice is stark: Continue on as you always have, trying to manifest without the benifit of divine intervention, which never produces the ultimate result that will bring us satisfaction, OR, go against everything you have known up until now as the way to accomplish your goal. Phew. Tough choice. The unknown or the unknowable.

The only way to make this choice is to ask for guidance associated with the confidence it takes to trust. Trust and faith are short, simple words but they are infinitely deep and multi-faceted in their meaning. To achieve the help you need you have to surrender from believing you must control the situation.

Surrender will give you much of what you need to achieve patience. Surrender and patience do not have to be a dirty word.

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