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Rose Quartz - History, Lore & Meaning

Rose Quartz is one of the earliest known crystals to be utilized in human civilization. Egyptians believed it slowed down aging and extend life. There have been Rose Quartz beads found in and amongst the burial tombs of the pyramids! Rose Quartz has also been identified in records from early Mesopotamian society. Likewise, Assyrian, Greek and Roman cultures notably used and highly prized Rose Quartz for adornment in jewelery and for spiritual talismans. It is in Greek and Roman times that Rose Quartz took on the meaning it has kept with it until modern times which is it is the LOVE crystal. It was thought Cupid, the Roman god of desire, brought it to earth hoping that its beauty would arouse love in mortals. The Greeks linked Rose Quartz to Aphrodite and Adonis. In the Middle Ages, medical practitioners used Rose Quartz in their healing potions. Early cultures of the Americas used Rose Quartz amulets. Known as the “love stone,” it was said to balance the emotions and to heal anger and disappointment.

Rose Quartz is well known as the crystal that exudes the spiritual energy of self love. There is very little that can be accomplished by anyone who does not have an internal foundation of self love. Self love is the foundation of everything else which can be manifested, in a positive manner, in life and thus Rose Quartz is sits high in the pantheon of core crystals. If there is a correlation in the Tarot, it would be the Empress. In fact, it is amongst the top 5 crystals you need to have in your stable if you intend to do energy work.

Quartz crystals are amazing for a wide variety of spiritual disciplines, including but not excluding:

  1. Communication with the angelic realm.

  2. Emotional body healing in crystal therapy modalities.

  3. Excellent for alleviating depression, anxiety and PTSD.

  4. Excellent for manifesting the motivation to engage in positive actions for yourself. (Dieting, health kick, exercise regime.)

  5. Assistance with Reiki flow.

Rose Quartz is found predominantly in Japan, USA, Brazil, Namibia, Madagascar and India. It is not a particularly rare stone/crystal, but it is highly sought after because of it's beauty and well ensconsed place in human history.

Charkras: Heart and Throat

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