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Spiritual Jump-Start! Review: Pam Grout's E - Squared

If you are looking for a practical, easy to read but extremely powerful metaphysical book to read, I would like to recommend Pam Grout’s, E Squared, Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality.

This is my second time, listening to the book on audio and I am glad I have decided to give it a second go. My happiness at having rediscovered the book, 9 months after listening to it for the first time is not so much because I am finding positive attributes I did not see before, but rather because it’s down to earth approach of “see it to believe it in your spiritual practice” is what we all sometimes need to ground us after a whirlwind of life which has shaken our basic fundamental tenets and beliefs in something greater than ourselves.

Pam Grout starts E Squared by stipulating that you should not take anything on faith alone and that in fact, we are programmed not to. She invites us to enter a world where we individually engage with the “FP” or Field of Potential, on our own terms and with no leap of faith but rather engage with the world beyond our 5 senses in an empirical manner.

Essentially, each chapter contains a different experiment that approaches the concept of thoughts creating reality in a different way, which together give readers an overall picture of the power of thoughts and consciousness. The experiments are FREE, and cost you nothing but your time and attention.

Pam Grout’s often irreverent but always compassionate and down to earth manner set the tone for the book and reveal the author to be relatable and likable. One thing I have found is extremely important if you are going to buy the bill of goods that a spiritual guru is trying to sell you is that if you do not relate to them or trust them, it is going to take much more to identify with what they are saying. Pam Grout obviously speaks from personal experience and that speaks to me. In all sincerity, have you ever tried to listen to a guru and they just sound like they are from a different planet? If you have to struggle to digest the message then you likely are not ready for that particular message or you are not ready to receive it from that individual.

If you are wondering what an example of a practical experiment is……I will give you one of the many that are in the book and the experience I had with it, (which is not unlike many similar experiences I had throughout the book.) One of the basic premises that Pam Grout seeks to prove is that what you think about manifests in your life……her direction was to think of seeing a purple butterfly in the next 48 hours. Her contention is that if you are directing your consciousness towards this experience, it will find a way toi manifest itself come what may.

When I engaged in this experiment it was winter and I was not very hopeful that this was going to come to fruition. Indeed for the first 40 hours or so I was at a loss to see a purple butterfly. Firstly, I never recalled ever having actually seen a purple butterfly in my entire life that I could think of and further…….being the dead of winter, there were not any butterflies to be seen on the horizon for what would be months to come. Thinking that the experiment had hit a dead end, I mentioned to my partner that I had spent the last 40 hours looking for a purple butterfly in vain, to which he replied….”stupid… the bathroom, look on the wall.” I went there and there was an enormous dried specimen of a purple butterfly under glass, hanging above the bathtub. I hadn’t put it there of course, but I had been proverbially sitting across from it on and off for well over 2 years!

Like I said, read the book! It will bolster your confidence of the world that exists beyond our 5 senses and is a great book to jump start your spiritual practice from scratch or from the doldrums.

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