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Two for One; Crystal Energy and Decor

It is way passed established that the top interior designers of the world are increasingly utilizing crystals as decor pieces to accentuate or even serve as the center pieces for high end clients and celebrities alike. Crystals are inherently alluring to be sure, but it is not only their natural beauty that is behind the strategic placement of these semi precious stones throughout the homes of the rich and famous, it is rather the increasingly pervasive understanding that crystals bring an energetic quality to one's home that is undeniable. At Mystic 8 we call this the two for one phenomena!

Over the past several years, incorporating crystals into home decor has emerged as one of the biggest trends in design.

Furniture and interior designer Samuel Amoia—whose client list includes Dior, Dover Street Market, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, and Moda Operandi—creates pieces using crystals and other natural materials. “As I developed my work I honed in more on crystals because of their healing and spiritual qualities. I am a firm subscriber! I carry stones with me at all times and have them all over my office, studio, and home,” says Amoia.

Since founding her homewares brand Rablabs in 2002, Anna Rabinowicz has witnessed the trend toward using natural materials in the home evolve in a big way. The ancient meanings of crystals inform how she designs her collection, which include everything from small-scale accent piece to tables. “Crystal is part of the quartz family, and it forms within the Earth inside hot hydrothermal veins, which are deposits of naturally rare materials. Each piece that I design with crystal is imbued with the history and the mystery of the origin of this magical material, brought from deep inside the Earth to transform our daily lives,” says Rabinowicz.


It really depends on what kind of impact you are looking for, as a general rule..

  • Purple crystals can help with creativity and spirituality so they great in an office or home office space.

  • Blue crystals can assist with communication and confidence - which can work well in your entertaining rooms.

  • Yellow crystals can attract wealth and abundance - so great in any room.

  • Red or pink crystals can attract love so they are wonderful for a bedroom.

  • Green crystals are great for general healing so maybe consider them in a bathroom or garden.

  • Black crystals can repel bad energy or negative vibes - so excellent near your home entry points.

  • Clear crystals can be programmed for any use or meaning.

Bringing the right crystal will be determined by what you hope to attract to the space and yourself. In saying this however, even though there are certain generally accepted beliefs about each crystal's powers, I truly believe you should just select ones that speak to you and they will do the right work in any space.

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