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This Sugar Quartz is from a deposit which is no longer available as the mines from where it is sourced in Ambatfinhandrana, Madagascar were closed for good in 2018. It is snow white, bright and clear!! It is not unlike some spirit quartz from its cousins in South Africa in appearence. Sugar Quartz can be a master healer and is the perfect travel companion to assist you in amplifying your own energies and banishing negativity. 

Sugar Quartz Crystal

SKU: mSUG-Q004
  • No longer available deposit finished in 2017/18! ! A very unique habit of quartz similar in some respects to spirit quartz! Generally speaking - Lovely Sugar Quartz which have amazing white bright primary crystals with some cascading features around the base of the larger crystals. Lovely and very affordable. The material is mostly snow white and bright and clear, however, a small percentage of the material has a Golden Healer Limonite-like colouration. This is a stunning deposit of very beautiful specimens. We are striving to get only intact material. We are hoping quality will improve in time. We endeavour to get undamaged material but sadly due to selected regional buyers paying low prices per kg irrespective of the condition of the specimens, the miners are thus discouraged from mining consciously. Its a constant battle in the region to educate the mine owners and discourage them from doing business with people who merely seek to exploit the natural resource. All of our material is selected and we pay substantially higher prices for undamaged material to encourage more conscious mining. We are pleased that the latest batch of stock was far less damaged and we are hopeful that future batches will be in even better condition. 

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