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This is a quartz cluster from the deepest reaches of Madagascar and it is here to raise your spiritual vibration. It will bring you mental clarity and amplify your intentions or those of other crystals or minerals you are working with. Additionally, it is just plain fascinating to spend time gazing upon with it's complex crystal structures! Utilize it to enhance your meditation practice. 

Natural Caramel Hematoid Quartz Cluster

SKU: lgCAR-Q002
R1 095,00Price
  • A new material coming out of Madagascar which shows some variably optic quartz crystals in complex and often intersecting arrangements. The material is then secondarily coated with a caramel coloured orange to yellow haematoid patina, also manifesting as an inclusion in some specimens. The complexity of near optic white lovely quartz in combination with beautifully vibrant haematoid quartz makes this a very unique and stunning deposit of material! 

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