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For emotional wellbeing, smoky quartz properties help lift the veil of depression and bring emotional calm to your spirit and soul. Smoky quartz helps you to release, purify, and shed negative energies. Free of these emotional toxins, you'll vibrate at a higher frequency with the harmony of your mind, body, and spirit.


Aegirine can assist in the evolution of negative emotional patterns such as blame, shame, guilt, worthlessness and self pity. It assists you in finding the energy and determination to positively express your energy in the world. It can be very helpful for you if you are trying to break addictive habits, as it will reveal the emotional reasons for the behaviour. 

Smoky Quartz and Aegirine

SKU: Zomba008
  • 139g

  • Zomba mountain associated to the Zomba Plateau in Malawi yields a diversity of minerals in complex arrangements and mix of associations. Orthoclase is a primary matrix, with Smokey Quartz, Aegirine and Zircon being the most commonly occurring species. The deposits are widespread and show a diversity of habits and forms. Smokey Quartz from the region ranges from dark gemmy to morion and pitch black. It often has Aegirine inclusions whilst Riebeckite and Rutile inclusions are infrequent. Recent pockets have also shown Green Chlorite inclusions or phantoms. Aegirine is recovered as either black shiny or green fibrous single crystals or in complex clusters. Classic terminations are more frequent than acicular terminations. Zomba is often seen as non classically beautiful specimens, but they are always complex specimens and fascinating in terms of formative processes. Zomba often has a high percentage of self-healed specimens.

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