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Kyanite is a powerful stone with many helpful applications. It has a calming, grounding energy, making it useful for balancing emotions as well as accessing meditative states. It can also help us connect to our intuitive abilities and recall dreams, and it opens the third eye chakra.

Kyanite Cluster

  • 338g

  • Kyanite is typically a blue aluminosilicate mineral, usually found in aluminium-rich metamorphic pegmatites and/or sedimentary rock. Kyanite in metamorphic rocks generally indicates pressures higher than four kilobars. This is a stunning range of specimens from Zimbabwe which have variable inclusions with Kyanite crystals exposed in quartzite like matrix and often associated to small Pyrope Garnets in the matrix, but not in all instances. This is a very rare mineral batch from a very inaccessible region of Africa. The crystals have variable gemmy clarity. A very nice and fairly soft fragile matrix. 

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