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Crystal Experiment

Often people who are just getting started on a spiritual journey with crystals have a difficult time making the connection with a crystal that will facilitate all that is possible when you truly tap into the crystal realm. These very same people have felt the inextricable draw to crystals or to a particular crystal and then wonder, afterwards, what is the next step.

We're going to work on the assumption that like any discipline, real results come when working with crystals when you devote time and focused attention to a particular task over a duration of time. In other words, the more you work with your crystals and the more focused attention you give them, the better you are able to channel their energy and to work with them in an increasingly meaningful way. Most people do not have the instantaneous eureka moment but it is possible to reach a deep relationship with crystals where you KNOW and FEEL their presence strongly.

There are several things you can do to establish and nurture this relationship and over the succeeding blog posts we will learn together how to do this through experimentation. In other words, setting out a goal and measuring the results to see what evolves from the activity.

The very first experiment is going to be sensing the energy of a crystal. This is an easy thing to do. First, use your intuition to choose the crystal that is right for this experiment. Do this by clearing your mind and asking for the right crystal to come to the forefront of your conciousness. The very first crystal that does is the crystal you are going to work with. It is likely you will find, as you delve deeper into this practice, that the crystal you have chosen has a special significance in relation to the circumstances in your life, but more on that later. For the moment, just concentrate on identifying the crystal.

Once the crystal has been identified it is time to connect with its energy. Do this by sitting down alone, in a quiet place where you are not going to be disturbed for the next 10 minutes. have your feet either touching the ground or in the lotus/cross leggeded position, whichever feels right to you. Then sit with the crystal, with a clear mind, not allowing for any of the days other worries or cares to interfere. Again, whichever feels more comfortable, eyes closed, with your fingers running quietly over the crystal or open eyed, allowing your vision to become invested in the nuances of the crystal you are holding. (You will be amazed at the many different facets of a crystal which you can come to discover that you never knew were there before.

A sense or an energy should start to come to you and intensify over the next 10 minutes that you are engaging in this experiment. It is best to keep notes of feelings, thoughts or emotions which arrive. You may even start to get messages from your crystal. Do not discount anything. Keep an open mind.

Part 2: Programing your crystal. (Next blog installment.)

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