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Hating it ain't gonna help you. Crystal Manifestation.

When we are trying to manifest positive change in our lives the absolute killer, energetically, is hating the situation we are currently in and/or obsessing about what we do not like about our current situation. Hating it isn't going to help you to achieve a will only continue to manifest more of those same elements in your life. Hate takes a lot of focus and energy away from the process of positive manifestation.

Easier said than done right? When we find ourselves in a situation we hate.....well.....we hate it! Take for instance a job that you have grown to really dislike over time. By the time you have understood that you need to leave it, your negativity towards the job is likely to have reached a level of such intensity that it is difficult to think of little else. If we are pro-active manifestors and believe that what we think we manifest into our lives, it is difficult to gain the positive counter-point to which you want to jump without contrasting it with the hated alternative, which is your reality at the current moment. A deep, thick, 3 dimensional, 5 sense oriented reality!

Additionally, thinking that you have to NOT think about it or think a certain way, when all you can do is think that way is frustrating and defeating if you allow it to be. Here are some strategies for getting around that which I have found very helpful:

  1. Utilizing crystals for manifestation: You can infuse or program a crystal with your manifestation intentions, carry it around with you as a reminder of what you are manifesting, holding it in your hand while visualizing. Malachite, Pyrite and Citrine are amazing manifestation crystals. Malachite will assit you in letting go. Citrine will assist in bringing a wide range of abundance. Pyrite will also bring physical prosperity.

  2. Utilize Black Tourmaline to clear the negativity you feel around certain people, places or things, including situations. Meditate on the changes you would like to make while holding Black Tourmaline. It will assist in clearing the negativity away.

  3. Amethyst is an amazing crystal to call on higher angelic realms and spirit allies to assist in seeking peace in your current situation to use as a platform for faster and easier manifestation of a positive change in your life.

  4. Seek for the lesson you have to learn in your current situation. What is life trying to teach you? Then use a crystal like Brown Calcite to assist you in learning and imprinting this lesson so the same negative scenarios to not keep showing up for you.

  5. When visualizing positive future scenarios, utilize clear Quartz to amplify these visualizations. The stronger your positive visualizations the quicker and easier the positive thoughts will attract the change you desire. It’s best to use quartz when you’re feeling good and have strong belief that your manifestations are on their way. How to use it: Meditate, visualize, and verbalize your desires while holding the quartz crystal. You can also place them on a photo or list of what you would like to manifest.

6. Create a crystal grid with all of the above crystals, strategically placed to assist in

facilitating your visualizations and meditations.

7. Ask for help!!!! Ask your crystal guides to assist you!

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